Forest Management

Starting your plan

Forest management planning or a forest management plan is a combination of written reports and plans for the best and most productive management of the forest and land. Historically
forest management plans focused primarily on timber growth, production and maximizing timber sale income. Today forest management plans do many things for owners in addition to helping grow better quality timber faster.
 Plans help owners improve wildlife habitat and hunting. Plans help improve access and roads and trails systems on the land. Plans help owners identify other forest enjoyment and income opportunities such as outdoor recreation, birding, forest and landscape diversity with fields, grasses, open lands and savannahs. Land level landscaping with scenic views and places on the land and vegetation management.


Today’s modern forest management plans not only improve the forest and forest value but also improve the land’s value and function.

Kanawha Forestry has provided hundreds of forest management plans or thousands of acres in West Virginia. Our foresters will be glad to talk with you about all of the benefits of forest management planning for your forest and land.


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Forest management pertains to the analysis and management of the forest and trees. Forest
management includes things such as timber harvesting, forest thinning, crop tree release and timber inventory and appraisal. Land management often involves forest management but also involves land access improvements, vegetation control, property management, boundary marking, land improvements and landscaping, site work for land clearing and other land development and improvements
Ideally it’s both, what you do on the land a written guidance management plan. So land and forest management is obviously what you do to manage and improve your forest and land but it’s also a forward looking written management plan that includes all aspects of the land, forest, timber and markets that allows you to chart a better land and financial plan. Written land and forest management plans provide for professional assistance, insights and experience for land improvements, better more valuable forests and timber and your better working knowledge of how management and market opportunities all can work together to your advantage. 
Land and forest management costs vary depending on the amount of management conducted on a property. Certain management contracts may only involve timber inventory and appraisal and timber sales brokerage while other contracts may include multiple forest and land development and improvement work on a property over an extended time period.