Timber Brokerage

The harvest process

A timber sale is the best opportunity landowners have to earn money from their forestland. A sale can provide tens or sometimes hundreds of thousand of dollars in income to the owner. A timber sale and harvest can go very well for a seller or terribly wrong if not planned and prepared for properly. Often timber sales happen about every 30-35 years in Appalachian
Hardwoods on a select cut basis. This is a long time between harvests. For many timber owners the sale of timber is a “one shot” deal meaning the owner may have one shot to get it right.

There are several very important things to get right regarding the sale and harvest of timber. These are:

  • The right harvest terms that match, as much as possible, the sellers goals for the land and forest
  • The right timber sale price terms according to the current market
  • The right timber contract in regard to logging, reclamation, liability, payment schedule, type of sale, logging contractor, forest condition (after harvest) and more.


Our timber sale services help owners get the sale and harvest terms that are right for their goals, forest and land. This takes good forestry, good timber markets and brokerage experience and working with timber sellers and buyers to …. 
Kanawha Forestry has managed, marketed and brokered over $100 million dollars of hardwood timber and logs in West Virginia. Our timber sales and brokerage success for sellers and buyers has evolved into our own hardwood timber marketplace platform for sellers and buyers at TimberMark.com.
Our foresters will be glad to talk with you about all of the benefits of our timber sales and brokerage services for your forest and land.


For a brochure explaining more of the processes and benefits of our timber sales and brokerage services click here.

For a brochure explaining the benefits of our TimberMark.com Timber Marketplace click here.

To schedule a phone discussion with a forester to discuss selling timber email sales@timbermark.com


Timber sales brokerage is our most requested forestry service. Landowners retain our brokerage services to prepare and market their standing timber in the hardwood market. Our brokerage begins with a timber inventory and appraisal to gather the necessary information for putting the timber tract to market. When marketing the tract we work with the seller to prepare the terms of sale. We then advertising the sale to the forest industry to market the standing timber on a competitive basis. This can be done by taking purchase proposals, sealed bids or negotiation. Once an agreeable price and purchase terms are reached we provide sale closing services to complete the process.
Not to be a wise acre, but the true question is what is the cost of not using a market experienced forester to prepare, sale and merchandise your standing timber in the market? Obviously we can’t tell you a direct cost comparison until we know your timber and your previous timber purchase offers, in any. Typically 99% of the time, landowners lose money on their sale by not going with a forester working for them. Money lost , or better termed as, timber sale market opportunities not fully gained, can be small or substantial, being in the tens of thousands of dollars.
In our experience there isn’t really a bad time to sell timber as long as the markets are good and active. Timber buyers purchase standing timber all throughout the year. Just because a tract of timber is purchased in the summer or winter doesn’t mean it will immediately be logged. Buyers purchase many tracts of timber on an annual basis and these tracts go into their “standing timber inventory” to be logged often within a 12 to 24 month window.
Kanawha Forestry does not purchase standing timber but Kanawha Forestry is part of our larger WVLandCo network of land and forest services and marketplaces. If you request a timber purchase offer and contract from Kanawha Forestry we may still work with you as the intermediary and facilitator for a potential timber purchase contact from a buyer.