Timber Inventory & Appraisal

Timber Inventory

The timber inventory to measure and estimate the amount of marketable timber volume and growing stock in the forest. Marketable timber volume is the amount of board feet that is
estimated to be currently marketable, as if that portion of the timber were sold today under current market conditions. Growing stock or pre-marketable timber is the volume of timber that will grow into marketable size timber at some future point in time. The timber inventory report is prepared to show the estimated board foot volume and tree counts for each important commercial species by it’s diameter size class (12, 14, 16 inches etc.)

Timber Appraisal

The timber appraisal section of the report is the process of analyzing the timber inventory report and preparing the estimated or appraised market value, either current market value or estimated future value as the timber grows. Many factors go into the market analysis for valuation purposes. Factors such as location to log markets (yards, mills, processors), estimated logging and trucking costs to remove and deliver the timber, the grade and quality of the timber, the total volume and volume per acre, the extent of road system to be constructed and the current market values for delivered log products and lumber.


Kanawha Forestry has provided forest and timber inventory services on over 700,000 acres of timberlands in West Virginia for tracts ranging from 10 acres to 100,000+ acres.

There are multiple other benefits or getting a timber inventory & appraisal including forest management planning, property tax savings under the WV Managed Timberland Program, estate
valuation, timber value components of a timberlands sale and more.

Our foresters will be glad to talk with you about all of the benefits obtained by getting a timber inventory & appraisal conducted on your land.


For a brochure explaining more of the processes and benefits of timber inventory & appraisal click here.
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The quick answer is that a timber inventory & appraisal tells you what timber resources and value you have as the owner. If you’re going to sell timber, you need to know the volume and market value of the timber being sold. In addition it can tell you how what you have in your “Timber Bank”. Your Timber Bank is the value and projected value of the timber when it is sold. This information also allows owners to plan their timber sale and harvest schedule based on a prior knowledge and plan regarding the income.
About $15 to $20 per acre, depending on various factors such as number of acres, intensity of field work for the inventory and travel miles for the project.
Of course you can sell timber without one but the risk increases to sellers who don’t have the basis of what they are selling and depend on timber buyers to provide this information for them.
The timber inventory report is fairly straight forward. It shows the estimated volume of timber in board feet and the estimated number of trees for each species and each size class. The appraisal section of the report estimates the current market or standing value for each species and size class based on the volume, estimated logging costs, proximity to markets and other factors that affect the estimated sale price and value of the timber.
Mapping is an important part of any timber inventory & appraisal. A report map will show where and approximately how many acres are in various timber stands. Rarely is a tract uniform in timber volume. The map shows where higher timber volume acres are compared to lower volume acres that may not be marketable.